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I am a freelancing and free thinking web troubleshooter for WordPress based websites. Improve your business with a fast and easy setup, let me cover your worries about content-types, SEO or AdWords. With a few years on my web-explorer back, I am there to guide you through the jungle of webdesign.

Step by step
You will love it.
While some agencies believe in showing complex code and language, I believe in reason and simplicity. You will get an individual website, representing your business at a reasonable price.
Show me your world
I want to know you
It may sound creepy, but I need to know you. Give me an overview about your business and your thoughts, via Skype, Mail or Whatsapp. Let us have a chat about your future business presentation, with or without fancy words like php and sql.
High quality designs
For your pleasure
Based on your business and thoughts, I will give you a handy preselection of some nice-fitting WordPress designs to choose from. I will support you within the process and we will find what’s best for you and your web-well-being.
WordPress - the Schweizer Taschenmesser
Robust & easy to handle
Responsive? Yes. SEO friendly? Oh yeah. Fast? Yup. Secure? You bet. In addition, you get about 45000 plugins and ways to customize your website. I will publish the content you give to me, and I will show you how to publish new content.
You don't think about support until you need it.
I will be there
Everyone loves to look at beautiful websites. But when beauty is at stake, and code does not work properly, support is needed. With the purchase of my service, I will be your supporting guide for the next 6 month.
What else left to say? (Don't be scared to ask)
Think outside the box
I am not a fan of extremes. You don’t need the fancy pants agency when you are a small to medium sized company. You don’t want to let another website build your website clone-army-style.


Will be fair.

I will give you a fix price, no hidden extra costs, no washing machine, vacuum cleaner or boat insurance. For this price, you will get the consulting, the website and six month of support.

I don’t need a fortune to build you a customer-friendly website or to polish your SEO and AdWords.

Tobias Mühlmeister
Web creator
Keep it simple, do what you love. I am a web creator / supporter and a wedding photographer. I love to help others with their dreams (and sometimes I do capture them), because I understand, that, with a focus on your business, there is no time for diving into WordPress, SEO and web development.


Hey, just drop me a message with questions or a first overview of your thoughts on presenting your business. I will be happy to answer and collaborate with you!

Adress: PG Vejdes Väg 15, 35252 Växjö